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  • Finding the business idea

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    Right now, you are working at a company. You already work in this company for a long time. There are nothing that you can do to help you improve your economic while there are a lot of things that you need for you and your family. If you think that you want to move to another company, it will be hard for you to find the best company that can give you enough sallary that you can use for you and your family. It also hard for you to find another job that suitable for you especially when you don’t have a lot of skills that can help you to get another kind of job. Therefore, you need to find another place that you think will able to help you get the best payment that enough to fulfill your family’s need. Actually, you don’t need to find another place that can give you the suitable job. You can create your own job by doing some business. You can find out the best idea about business from the internet, or you can creat your own business idea that you think will bring a lot of profit for you and your family.

    If you think that you are able to create some product or handmade creation, you can start make several products and try to promote it by yourself. You can start to promote your product to your coworkers or you can take a picture of your product and post it on the internet. You can also put the prices that you think will suitable for the product that you make. You can also ask for a help from your family to promote the product or to make the product. After the promotions, you can learn about the market. You can find out what people’s need and whether it is suitable with your product or not. You can make your product based on people’s need or you can just make a product that you think will able to attract many people. When you think that your small business has a potential to become a bigger business, you can decide to quit from your job and focus on your business. By doing this business, you will never need to be worry about your sallary since you can make it by yourself and you can also become the boss of yourself from your business.